Wake up and smell the flowers

Good morning! I woke up this am and found flowers on the dining room table. My sweetie had bought them yesterday and then snuck downstairs once I was in bed and left them out for me to discover in the morning. It was a lovely surprise!

He said he wanted to get them for me because I could smell again (it’s so nice!!). When he went to the store, he asked the person at the flower shop which flowers would smell really nice. And they told him that the flowers they sold have been through so much in growing them to be nice, that they didn’t really smell naturally anymore. Hmph. Isn’t that sad? But he got some anyways.

I’d post a photo, but my memory card somehow corrupted itself when I was trying to download some recipe photos last night (homemade pizza! muffins!) I trying locking and unlocking it, put tape over it…etc…but it insists there is a card error and I can’t load anything. I know I have a few other cards kicking around the house but of course, I can’t find them!

So I’ll post a photo and some more recipes, hopefully, when I get another card.

Happy weekend everyone!

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