Back home and happy!

Back home safe and sound, and on my way to being un-jet lagged. I could have spent longer in lovely Australia, easily, but now that I am home I’m glad to be here. I missed my puppy, and my own bed and pillows. And coffee, Canadian-style.

It was very hot and much more humid when we got home after a 30 hour-plus day of travelling, even warmer than it had been in Australia! Finally summer here in Ottawa.

Just wanted to share a few of the things I learned about Australia, and a photo from each city we visited to sum up the whole trip!

G’day mate!

Yes, they really do say, G’day mate, a lot. Also, instead of “How are you?” They say, “How ya goin?”
Casually saying “You’re welcome,” could be “You’re all right,” and they also say “Ta” as another way to say “Thanks.”

Toilet room and house things

Ever heard someone say they are going to the toilet, rather than the washroom/bathroom? In Australia, the toilet is in a little room all by itself, and the washroom is nearby with a sink and tub.

The houses also don’t have basements. No need, I guess!

I called Jane and Barry’s house a “bungalow” and I meant that it only had one level. Apparently though, Australians take that term to mean it’s not a nice house, it’s like calling it a “shack.” Oops. Oh well, they are moving to a better shack (haha!) soon.

Food preferences

There is a dark food paste made from yeast extract called Vegemite. They eat it on toast and offered it in little packets at breakfast time in restaurants. We tried it, and I was NOT a fan. Fish and chips are really popular and available for take out (actually, they call it take away) and there are tons of healthy choices and creative dishes on the menus there. Lots of seafood too!

The country is unbelievably beautiful

I was constantly amazed by the wild natural beauty all around. The hills were rugged, the trees were lush and some leaves looked fake, they were so shiny and perfect. There is a huge variety of plants (animals too) that you instantly know you’re in another country.

Quick trip recap:


Fish and chips, friendly people, lots of little restaurants and shops, gorgeous though sometimes wacky architecture, and a great Aquarium with penguins.


The Grampians

Lovely huge mountains, rocky and green at the same time. Oh and KANGAROOS in the wild!


Whitsunday Islands

Pristine white squeaky sand, sparkling turquoise water and of course, the Great Barrier Reef.

Whitehaven Beach


Sun, more sun, the beach, long walks through the rainforest, long walks on the beach, lots of ice cream. Very laid back town with great food.

Noosa Pier

Byron Bay

Hippie vibe with creativity seeping out at the edges. As the sun sets, the bats come out in masses!

Byron Bat Arts Factory van


Glorious architecture from the grand harbour bridge to the opera house and even the buildings lining the streets of the Rocks. I could easily live in Sydney.

Sydney Opera House

I hope you liked reading about it, and if you missed any of the Australia blogs, they are here:

Back to regular content soon. Thanks for reading!


  1. Allison says

    I loved reading about your Australian adventure. I hope you travel more and blog about it. Not that I want you to be away from work, but just because your blog posts are so great!

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