Sydney Day 2 – sightseeing and kangaroo!

On Day 2 in Sydney we decided to get a good dose of old fashioned sight seeing by taking a bus tour of the city. We hopped on the red double decker bus first thing in the morning and did a circuit of the downtown city area (it was supposed to take 90 minutes but ran closer to 3 hours!) sitting on top of the bus, taking in all the sights and historic buildings.

city sight seeing bus Sydney

We learned about cathedrals, a wishing well, The Australia museum, statues, pubs, and drove under the Harbour bridge and learned that Paul Hogan (original Crocodile Dundee) once had a job painting the bridge. We drove through an area of town called King’s Cross (bit of a red light district from the look of it actually!) with the iconic Coca-Cola sign.

coca-cola Sydney

We also passed the Queen Victoria building which you’d think (from the way it looked) was a government building, but it was really a huge shopping mall!

Queen Victoria Building Sydney

Sydney has a lot of streets named similarly to those in Ottawa, probably cause of the British influence: George Street, York Street, Gloucester, for example. They also have a Hyde Park, like London, and it had horse races back in the 1800s taking place there. There is also a huge monument to honour the men who fell in the World Wars, behind the Pool of Reflection. We also saw the Sydney Tower, which is Sydney’s tallest free-standing structure. It’s the gold one that you can see in many Sydney skyline shots.

Sydney Tower

After the bus finished it’s loop around the town, we decided to walk down to one of the sights we’d passed for a better look up close: Darling Harbour. It was a bit of a walk getting there, but so pretty and lots to look at and listen to on a Sunday afternoon. Tons of families milling about and I know my Dad would have liked it there too (check out the lamp posts).

Darling Harbour Sydney

Darling Harbour Sydney soccer posts

Lunch time, and the moment of truth. Our trip is winding down and Tyler still hadn’t tried kangaroo meat yet. So now or never – we went to a lovely Harbourside restaurant called Blue FIsh, and he didn’t hesitate to order a kangaroo fillet off the menu. And guess what?

eating Kangaroo in Sydney

Smothered in sauce and rocket (salad), sitting on sweet potato fries…it wasn’t that bad! I even tried a small piece and it wasn’t as chewy and gross as I thought it’d be. Seriously! Would I order it myself instead of a steak though? Not on your life!

Next up, we caught the second bus tour that made a circuit of the easter part of Sydney including the Bondi area. There weren’t as many “sights” like famous buildings with stories on this tour but it was really enjoyable because the scenery was outstanding, and it was that time of day when the sun starts to sink and casts a pretty yellow glow on everything. A couple of areas that stood out were Rose Bay, with it’s lovely little harbour full of boats, and of course, Bondi Beach, with sand stretching to the sparkling blue water set on a backdrop of they city. There were an unbelievable number of surfers bobbing around in the water – I can only imagine how crowded it gets on a summers day when it’s really warm out!

Bondi Beach

The bus trip ended at Central Station, where we’d actually been dropped off from our Greyhound the day before, and it wasn’t making another round for awhile, so we decided to try and walk it – we had a map and were starting to know our way. It was a good, healthy walk, but we made it! We stopped to check out a few stores and even the huge fancy Victoria building mall on the way home. For dinner, we ate at a small Italian place complete with red-checked table clothes and angry waiters. The food was good through, we got to chatting with a couple from Sydney sitting next to us after I gave them our salt shaker. Tyler told them he’d sampled kangaroo for lunch and they were a bit grossed out (they had never tried it before).

Another great day in Sydney – one more left before our trip comes to a close.


  1. Allison says

    haha…it reminds me of the Gilligan’s Island theme song…”The mate (Tyler) was a mighty sailing man,
    The skipper (that’s you) brave and sure.
    Two passengers set sail(bussing) that day
    For a three hour tour, a three hour tour.”

    p.s. pooooor Kangaroo. hehe

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