A pretty little doggie coat

Well, it is almost officially wintertime here in Ottawa! We’ve seen snow and a bit of it is sticking to the ground. We’ve also been getting a lot of chilly rain, and as a result my poor little dog starts shivering right away as soon as we get outside.

I’m not really a big fan of dressing animals in clothes, but maybe I just haven’t found the right outfit before. I decided to give it a shot, buckled down and purchased a little winter coat for my dog.

dog winter coat

He isn’t really a fan.

dog winter coat

Actually, he trots along happily at first outside, then starts writhing and rolling around on the ground to get it off.

dog winter coat

But he’s a pretty adaptable little guy and I’m sure he’ll learn to like it soon enough! We’ll be introducing his doggie winter boots again soon once we have a bit more snow and ice on the ground. Do you have coats and clothes for you dog? Any tips on getting Herman to stop undressing himself?

dog winter coat


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    I love Herman – and his coat!! My only suggestion is to only put it on him before walks, so he starts to associate it with the happiness of romping. When Grover had an actual winter coat (with fur no less) Sweeney used to beat him up.

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