Another day wiser

I saw a girl whiz past me today on a skateboard, mini ripped jean shorts, hair flapping in the breeze as she rolled into the high school parking lot to meet up with her friends.  And I felt it again, just like I feel like when I order a coffee at McDonald’s and get called ma’am, or when I don’t get a second glance towards my ID at the LCBO.  A slight inkling that I am getting older!

It’s hard not to measure your own life, especially on a day that others use to mark how much of your time has passed. And to be honest I am much happier in my skin now than maybe ever before, and definitely more than I was in high school. I don’t mind being skinny, gawky, and dorky any more. I recognize myself for who I am and I love it. I have lots of fantastic friends and family members surrounding me with love and acceptance. What more could you ask for?

I thought 29 was a crazy up and down, amazing year, but 30 turned out to be pretty incredible as well and full of memorable moments.

I got married!
While I’ve never been a real wedding planning fanatic, we threw together a pretty perfect wedding and couldn’t have asked for a better day: warm weather in the fall, great music, food, family and friends.

We went to see Paul McCartney in concert.
Life long dream. For both of us. I remember laughing and crying and hugging and singing along. Phew.

Visiting New York City
A short but memorable honeymoon in the Big Apple. Seeing Wicked (one of my favourite shows) on Broadway gave me happy chills.

Music and more music
Backstage at Bluesfest, Capital Music Sessions, living in the recording studio for a couple of weeks, listening and absorbing as much music as I can handle.

Work and more fun work
Love my hectic and extremely rewarding job. I’ve helped tons of people make awesome websites this year!

Trip to Italy (and France)
We ate, and saw more iconic sights than I ever dared imagine from the Coliseum in Rome to the Statue of David.

In between all of these things were some of the normal moments that make living so great. Cuddling my sweet dog, singing at the piano in our living room, long walks around the neighbourhood to get ice cream, having friends over for dinner. I wrote 64 blog posts and read lots of books, cooked and tried new meals, took lots of photos. Keeping busy and my heart full.

I didn’t have a big party today but felt the love from everyone on the phone, emails, Facebook and Skype. Had great food at two of my favourite restaurants (Thai for lunch and sushi for dinner), got spoiled with gifts, and went for a walk as the sun set. Here’s to 31!

hockey sushi

Ottawa sky in June


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