I’ve been checking out this blog that my friend K introduced me to, Sometimes Sweet, and I love it! I’m continually amazed by the talent some people like Danielle have for descriptively narrating their lives in words and images, and I’m glad I can record life’s little happenings here for myself to look back on. And it makes me write.  So I’m hopping on the ‘Currently’ bandwagon and hope to jot out my thoughts this way every month or so.

Here we go for today!

Reading: My Kobo tells me I’m 79% of the way through Game of Thrones – I started this massively long, incredibly involved book series while on vacation, got totally hooked and try to read a couple of chapters each night so I’m able to keep track of all the characters and story threads/twists. I just found out that this isn’t the end either – no tidy finish, and more books coming! Not sure yet if I’m happy (more reading!) or sad (but what happens!!??)

Watching: We made the decision a couple of months ago to cut our cable completely and I haven’t really missed it! We may try out Netflix but in the meantime I’m working my way through the sixth season of Criminal Minds on DVD. I adore that show.

Anticipating: My bubbly, sweet sister and her boyfriend coming to visit from Toronto this week! We’re hoping to check out the Mill Street Brew Pub for a little beer (the guys), and she’s convinced me to try going running with her (if she tries hot yoga with me!)

Listening to: Crackling and popping fireworks. Even out in the ‘burbs, I can hear people getting celebratory for Canada Day one evening early! It kind of makes me smile to picture people hanging out on their lush green lawns, sending little rockets spiraling off into the sky, their kids twirling around with flaming sparklers showering specks of light into the cool grass.

Working on: Getting songs onto iTunes. I’ve spent a couple of hours reading random debates about TuneCore vs. Ditto music, looking at pricing, making big wav files and uploading them. I am in love with Tyler’s new music and can’t wait for it to be widely available!

Wishing: I could feel caught up on everything. Housework, planning meals, and exercising fall by the wayside lately, and my head is a continuous swirl of lists and things to do. I had a nice evening out with friends last night, eating cannelloni and playing Taboo, talking the night away, and that helped distract me for a little while but I can’t remember the last time I felt all caught up and just settled.

Currently me.


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    I know what you mean about never feeling caught up. I’m trying a new tactic: do one thing a day. I’m hoping it will help me feel accomplished and never fully behind on chores. Plus, meal planning has gone away this summer when we rely on the bbq for almost every meal.

    Glad you’re on the “currently” train!

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    Oh dears! We didn’t do ANY of those exercising things or Mill Street. I still had an a GREAT time though. You’re the best sister!!

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