Highlights from Italy and France

Back at home for over a week now and it’s been nice catching up with family and friends. People keep asking us the same questions when they see us: How was your trip??? And, what was your favourite part?

The trip was exhausting, amazing, and unforgettable. The best part was learning every city inside out. And the FOOD.

Here’s a quick round up in case you missed the posts while we were on the road!

Arrival in Venice
Venice Day 2: The walking labyrinth
Canals and cappuccino in the rain – Venice is a magical, unique city that we walked and walked (since no cars are allowed). The silky green water, arching stone bridges, and San Marco square were some of the highlights.


Venice boats

First Day in Florence
Food and culture in Florence – Florence was full of food: restaurants, cafes, trattorias, and the huge Mercato Centrale market. We feasted our eyes as well on the gorgeous Duomo and the statue of David.

Duomo in Florence

Pretty towns of Tuscany – If I go back to Italy I would definitely spend more time in the regions to get a better feel for the countryside. Besides the stone cities and famous Leaning tower, there were vineyards and olive groves as far as the eye could see.

Leaning tower of Pisa

Tuscany countryside

Sorrento and Pompeii
Pizza Pie and Pompeii – From the pizza in Naples, to the amazing ruins of Pompeii, and then relaxing in sunny Sorrento.


Pompeii poppies

Endless beauty in Positano – I could have written 5 posts about Positano and filled each one with photos alone. This city is a place to go to relax in the most scenic and beautiful surroundings imaginable (and get a good workout from all the stairs!)

Positano beach houses

Positano stone houses

Visit to the Vatican
Finally Rome. – I loved wandering around the Coliseum and through the ruins of the ancient city. The Vatican City was another must-see, although way too crowded to truly enjoy. And did I mention Rome has the country’s best gelato?

Rome Coliseum

Rome ancient city

Paris: The Good, the Bad, and the Food – Visits to the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay, the pretty neighbourhood of Montmartre, eating our way through french onion soup, creme brulee, and drinking wine in from of the Eiffel Tower. Can’t wait to return, someday!

The Louvre Pyramid

The Eiffel Tower

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