Ruby Watchco in Toronto

For a food lover, this cute, clean, and tastefully decorated restaurant is perfect for a long meal, best spent lingering over drinks, talking about life and indulging in the fresh, family style food.

We headed to Ruby Watchco for my brother in law Justin’s birthday last night, and we couldn’t have asked for better food or service. The chef at Ruby Watchco, Lynn Crawford, is a former executive chef of the Four Seasons Hotel in New York, and appears on the Food Network’s Pitchin’ In – which my sister and Justin are big fans of.

ruby watchco

The idea behind the meals here are that there’s a set menu, made of of fresh, local meats and ingredients, and I’ve never enjoyed Canadian comfort food so much! The restaurant is modern and open, and we sat a a long table near the front, right beside the window letting in lots of evening light. The first course, served in two large bowls for us to help ourselves, was a salad – but this salad was made up of greens, marinated zucchini, candied pecans, garbanzo beans, dressed with this amazing vinaigrette that was slightly lemony and bursting with fresh dill flavour.

ruby watchco

ruby watchco

The second course featured a B.B.Q Honey Lime Pork Loin – slightly sweet, crispy on the edges and so tender that you could almost cut it with just a fork. The sides set along the table included delicious mashed potatoes with a hint of olive oil, sweet and sour tomato and peppers salad, and garden roasted, melt in your mouth carrots with parsley butter. We were oohing and ahhing over each dish, and serving yourself was actually really nice, so you could take a helping, do a sample, and then try a little more if you liked it.

ruby watchco pork loin

Next up was a plate of raw goat cheese, strong and pungent, and perfectly paired with pickled melon, which sounded weird, but tasted amazing.

ruby watchco

The final course was dessert and what a dessert it was! A concoction of blueberries smothered in fluffy and foamy white chocolate mousse and topped with a granola like streusel that was crunchy and brought the whole thing together.

ruby watchco dessert

The meal was so delicious and creative and really not a bad deal for $49 dollars. I liked not having to choose what I wanted to eat, because I’m not really a pork fan generally but I loved the meal and especially loved the pork. The only thing I would change is a few more affordable options for wine by the bottle. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic restaurant and I’d go back in a heartbeat, and bring more friends!

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