Loving: The long, hot humid days we’ve been having lately. This is such a great summer for amazingly warm weather, and I love walking outside in a dress and bare legs even in the early morning. I feel kind of guilty for enjoying the weather so much when it’s meant some bad things for others – devastating crop production for some farmers, brush fires not to far from here – but the clear blue sunny skies and mild evenings just put me in such a great mood day after day.

Reading: Still working on Game of Thrones and onto Book 5 now. I found Book 4 took a really long time to finish and I’m going to need to start something else soon for a bit of variety!

Watching: We’ve been catching up on Modern Family, season 2 and I have to say I just love this show. It’s got to be the best comedy on TV right now and is so witty, clever and touching. Really enjoying it and we’re trying to ration out the short episodes so we don’t watch them all at once!

Thinking About: Becoming a one car household. Right before my trip to Toronto last week, I took my car in for check up and there was so much that needed to befitted – in sum, the cost of the repairs would be just about or over the value of the car if it was in tip top shape. I’ve had it for seven years and it wasn’t new when I bought it so, I think we’ll try to sell it as is and just share the other car. Which is easy because I work from home, but hard because Tyler works every Thursday to Saturday night so I won’t be very free to go out and have a life those nights anymore. But we’ll try to make it work – I can borrow my mom’s car from time to time, or drop him off at a gig, or something.

Anticipating: This weekend! One of my girlfriend’s is getting married tomorrow, then the big clan baseball tournament starts Saturday and we’re heading to a cottage Sunday. This is my sixth year going along to the baseball tourney and it’s really hard to explain how big it is and how much it means to everyone. But it is – and it does! People looks forward to this weekend all year.

Listening to:
The Civil Wars. Saw a video clip online of this singer/ songwriter duo and had to buy their album right away. Their organic, soothing vocals and uplifting chemistry is amazing and right up my alley. I love Poison and Wine and Barton Hollow on the album especially, and I’m so happy to keep finding musical treasures like this!

Working on: Jogging! I started getting up early to go for a run a few mornings a week. The disappointing thing is that my shoes (2 different pairs) have given my blisters on my inside arch each time. Even when I try to place my foot fully down flat like a pancake with each step. I’m going to try to go get a brand new pair and helpfully it helps. But I’m slowly getting the walking – running – then walking thing and understanding why people actually like to jog.

Wishing: For more time in the day, more hours in the week.

Anyone else out there into writing Currently posts? This is my second one since the inspiration from Danielle at Sometimes Sweet and my friend K, and even if you don’t blog you should try it! Sitting down and reflecting, writing, and rambling stream of consciousness style, is a great way to clear out the cobwebs in my head. Thanks for reading mine!


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    Love it!

    We had one car for a while. It definitely took some getting used to but it’s doable.

    Also, go to a running store and get fitted for a pair of shoes. Seriously, it makes such a difference!

    • says

      I think I really will. I wanted to make sure I didn’t totally hate running first before spending the money, but I think it’s going to be worthwhile. No more blisters I hope!

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