3 happy things and 3 good books

I got this idea to post about recent things that make me happy in my world lately from Danielle at Sometimes Sweet. I like my iPhone a lot, and I have to admit it’s taking over from my DSLR camera because it’s so handy and small, and easy to tuck away into a pocket or purse to capture a candid moment that I might otherwise miss. And while I do love posting photos and checking out Instagram, sharing a bit more of the story is nice to do as well. I love looking back a these little visual reminders of everyday life that I would probably forget about, yet they make up the fabric of my existence and I couldn’t do with out them.

I also realized I haven’t mentioned any books in awhile, and yes, I have been reading! So here goes: 3 happy things, and 3 good books to check out.

Painting the house. After living in our place for 3 years, we finally decided it was time to make it more our own, and to start we are painting the main level and the 2 bedrooms upstairs. Everything is a light cream now, and could use some colour! From here I hope to get rid of the pink carpet (finally) and then add some more nice decorative touches, plus maybe replace some of our passed down, second hand furniture. We hired someone to paint for us, got a good deal on it and are having fun so far picking out paint samples and deciding what would go where, and match what. I don’t think I have a very good interior decorator gene, but I’m somewhat creative, so fingers crossed it ends up looking nice, and more importantly, reflecting us a bit more.

paint samples

Making dinner from scratch. I love to cook, but I don’t think I’m really a natural. That is, I usually need inspiration, an idea, and a recipe to more or less follow. So I’m always proud of myself when we have “no food in the house” and I can make up a pretty tasty dinner from scratch, just adding things, stirring and tasting. Those kinds of cooks are the most impressive to me. I improvised this pasta up last night, making a sauce, tossing in veggies, and it ended up tasting really great!


Just hanging out. Things get so busy from working all day, running errands, Tyler out playing most nights, that it feels really nice to sit back in front of the TV after dinner, relax, and keep each other company. With sweet Herman by our sides, as always, I love feeling like a little family.

hanging out

Now for the books! These were all read on my Kobo e-reader, which I love, in bursts before going to bed at night and they’re quite a mix: fantasy, chick lit, and just plain fiction.

Mistborn: The Final Empire. My buddy Justin recommended this book (it’s the first in a trilogy) to me after I told him that I liked Game of Thrones, but gave it up part way through the fifth book. I just couldn’t finish it. I’ve never been much for the whole science fiction / fantasy genre of books – I think my older brother devoured them so I thought they were dorky growing up and so stuck to the Babysitter’s Club – but he assured me the characters and plot were worth the read. He was right – Brandon Sanderson has a way with words, and he imagined and described a world pretty vivid with magic. It was a really different read, and I’m looking forward to the next 2 books.

Drowning Ruth: I found this one in my “books you might like” list on Amazon, so I tried it out. I’m not really sure why I found this book so compelling. The plot was good, but it seemed like not a lot happened, although this allowed the author to develop the characters, both of which I grew to like and feel curious about. This doesn’t sound like a glowing review, but I had a hard time putting it down to go to sleep, so there as something right about it!

I’ve Got Your Number: This one was a typically light chick lit romp penned by Sophie Kinsella. It’s funny, I always think that I wouldn’t really like her characters if I met them in real life (Shopoholic) but I liked this book a lot – I couldn’t believe how a somewhat selfish, text-obsessed heroine could become so likeable – but I was rooting for her, and following along with every mishap along the way. It’s a great, frothy summer read.

What is making you happy lately, books or otherwise?


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    Fun!! I looooved Mistborn, and just finished reading some Sara Paretsky VI Warshawski mysteries (they’re one of my favourites) and now I’m reading a book about an awkward teenager trying to figure out life. Pretty funny so far!!

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