My favourite food – steak

This week’s Gastropost challenge asked “What is your favourite thing to eat?” and this is a pretty tricky one for me! I love lots of food: spaghetti is up there, cheese, sushi, a great chocolate dessert. In the end, I decided to go with steak.

Dear steak, you are the reason I can’t become a vegetarian. Chicken, pork and fish don’t hold a candle to you. I love you barbecued, marinated, grilled, in salads. When I was little, my parents took me (just me!) to Al’s Steak House for my birthday so that I could get my favorite food. Lets’ not mention that I embarrassed them by ordering a cheeseburger, ok? I see you at The Keg on most anniversaries and on my birthday pretty much every year.

Tonight I made steak at home, adding with my tried and true ingredients to flavour it just right. Here’s how I like it: Season steak generously with Montreal Steak spice and garlic powder. Melt butter on grill until bubbly and browned, then place steak down and let it grill. Times vary depending on your cut – tonight we had these delicious large, bacon wrapped beauties from M&M meat shops, and a side of fresh salad. Very worthy of being a favourite food.


I don’t usually make dessert for us at home, or actually order it after dinner out (I love dessert but I’m usually to stuffed to truly enjoy it at a restaurant) but I decided to go all out tonight and make one of my favourites – brownies! I whipped these Brown Eyed Baker brownies up and they were yummy. Can’t go wrong with any of her recipes, and these brownies are a cinch: I always have the simple ingredients on hand, and if you mess it up and forget to add the eggs til the end, then also forget to set a timer (I have baked before, I swear!) and overcook them a bit…well, they are pretty forgiving and overall deliciously chewy and chocolatey.


What’s your favourite food? Pretty tough to choose just one…or is that just me?


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    I couldn’t pick one food. I have been enjoying the PC chocolate cheesecake lately though. They keep going on sale and I keep buying them!

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