Hard work and good food. Happy Sunday!

Today’s goal: put together the new IKEA bed. I like putting together furniture most of this time: it’s like a big, fun puzzle with lots of screws, tools, and moving parts but I’ve learned over the years that one essential ingredient is time. Think it’ll take 2 hours? Allow for 4, and don’t be disappointed if it takes 6.

Ikea nuts and bolts

We did just that, getting the usual morning stuff out of the way and settled into the afternoon, pulling slices of wood out of their cardboard boxes, separating bits and pieces, fishing the occasional dowel out of Herman’s mouth. About an hour into the project, we flipped over the bed’s headboard and realized we must had bought a repackaged one: the headboard had a crack running finely about a third of the way through it, and there was a dowel already wedged almost all the way into one of the holes on the side board. Gah.

But, if there’s one thing that frightens me more than Saturday shopping at IKEA – it’s taking apart furniture and returning it on a Sunday to IKEA. So…we plowed on, and the crack is against the wall now, not seeming to affect the rest of the headboard, so we’ll just leave it.

Luckily, Tyler’s sister and boyfriend showed up to take Herman to the dog park just as we needed a third person to help us maneuver the side and bottom pieces into the headboard – then a few dozen screws fastened into the metal rods, an efficient re-purposing of the wooden slats from our old bed, and we were done!

Although there is nothing I could possibly write about IKEA today that won’t be topped by this story about a monkey in a shearling coat getting loose in a Toronto IKEA parking lot. Wow!

After all that work we deserved a nice home cooked meal. I made about 3 days worth of this stirfry again (subbing marinated tofu for shrimp, and dousing in store bought spicy peanut sauce) and we did our best to devour as much as we could.

I tried to take it easy after, relax on the couch like Sunday nights were made for, but I kept hopping up to do *just* one more thing – fold the laundry, do the dishes, and then I decided I wanted to make brownies too. I found a fun sounding recipe on my handy All Recipes iphone app (dork alert), that used box mix plus a swirl of cream cheese on top, and I remembered I had a pack of cream cheese languishing in the fridge, probably intended for bagels or a dip, but kind of forgotten about. Perfect!

I used this brownie recipe from Brown Eyed Baker’s awesome blog as the base (I felt ambitious, but had no chocolate chips, or squares, only cocoa powder), then mixed in cream cheese, egg, and sugar (actual recipe here). I also don’t seem to have a 9 inch square pan anymore, and instead of patiently letting the cream cheese soften on the counter, I microwaved the bejesus out of it – resulting in a brownie cake with swirly, chunky bits of cream cheese.

cream cheese brownies

Still, tasted great at the end of another nice Sunday, back at home. I hope everyone out there had a great weekend!


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    That’s so strange… we bought a bed from IKEA last January and there’s a dent in the headboard. Unfortunately we didn’t see it until it was mostly assembled and it’s on the side facing the room. J’s pillow covers it. Arg is right.

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