Ella Fitzgerald Christmas and Mini Muffins

To get into the festive spirit this year, I told myself I’d listen to Christmas music. I’ve tuned into Majic 100 to catch some classics and new version of beloved carols, and I also wanted to add some tunes to my phone. Which made me realize I had NO Christmas music on my computer! There was one album in particular that I missed especially, so I went ahead and bought it again. No, it wasn’t the new Cee-Lo’s Magic Moment CD (although I am curious to check that one out). I had to have a copy of one of my favourite singers of all time singing the traditional classic Christmas songs: Ella Fitzerald’s Christmas.

Ella Fitzgerald Christmas

I went through a jazz phase in high school, and even though I rarely listen to it much anymore, Ella has stayed with me. I continue to play her songs from time to time, and her buttery-soft, silky smooth voice, haunting, spirited, and real, affects me in some way. The way she can put a song through it’s paces is mind-boggling and I really think she’s one of the best singers we have ever seen.

So if you’re looking for a Christmas album this year, check hers out. It’ll put you in a nostalgic, peaceful frame of mind, thinking about good times had in Christmases past, happy memories, living like a child in the cocoon of your family’s warmth and love. Goodness knows we could all stand to feel that way right about now.

Onto more Christmas baking: mini-muffins. I got a mini muffin tray as a gift last year, and I though a batch or two of these little things would be portable and tasty to bring to a birthday party today, an open house style brunch for a sweet little one year old and many, many family members. I made one tried and true recipe (pecan pie muffins – recipe here) and one new recipe (lemon poppy seed muffins – recipe here). Both turned out pretty well!

lemon poppyseed muffins

Pecan pie muffins

To make mini-muffins, you can follow a standard muffin recipe, keeping the temperature the same, but shorten the baking time to about 12-15 minutes. For the citrus muffins, I bought one orange and one lemon and both produced only about 1/4 cup of juice, so I scooped out 1/2 a cup of the dry ingredients, already mixed. It seemed to work – the muffins tasted great!

Wishing you all happy tidings today, love in your hearts, music in your ears and a delicious Christmas treat to enjoy!

lemon poppyseed muffin recipe

This post is the third in my countdown to Christmas. Read along every day between now and the 25th to get in the festive spirit!


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