At the end of the day

I’m not anti-Valentines Day. I enjoy a good bag of cinnamon hearts as much as the next girl! And I’m so lucky to have found someone to complete me, someone who doesn’t need to go out of his way one day a year to prove his love for me with flowers or candy. He has to go out and entertain other people usually on the 14th, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Because he proves it every day.

Whether it’s a fancy dinner out or Kraft dinner and creme eggs, it’s unspoken, gracious, and pure. It’s having a great time laughing and smiling, appreciating and connecting, crying and holding each other up. It’s sharing everything and holding nothing back. It’s stolen moments no one else would understand. And it only gets better year after year.

Hoping you all have love in your lives, family, friends and companions to call your own, every day and all year round.

daisy hearts


coffee cup heart


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