Wordless Wednesday – Happy things

Ottawa was covered in a blizzardy blanket of white icy snow today. I could hear plows chugging past my window, frosty pellets whipping against the panes, and shovels scraping as people dug themselves out. I stayed in my nice cozy cocoon, glad to be right where I was for once. Making me happy today:

My bedtime snack – this is the best: Vanilla Greek yogurt, raspberries, chopped kiwi and walnuts. Made for me with love.

Greek yogurt snack

Speaking of love, this funny, furry creature has been Velcro-d to my side lately like a loyal little friend, and is pretty adorable all day long. Even when he’s barking at the clunky snow plows clanging around outside.

Herman on doggy futon

I also had a nice chat with my grandpa today – on his 93rd birthday! Hope you all had a great week so far full of small things to make you smile. Happy Wednesday.


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    I’ve just discovered Greek yogurt myself. It’s the ultimate snack – I can feel full for hours after having just a half cup. MIRACLE FOOD. Yours with the fruit looks AMAZING – yum!

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