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A wedding on the beach

The reason we went to Jamaica last week was for a wedding. Even with this much build-up, the event itself stuck out in a week of memories. It was at 5pm, after a day of lounging around the resort but being careful not to overdo it. We got ourselves free of sand, dressed up and headed to the beach to fill in chairs draped with white flowing cloth.

It was a romantic, casual but beautiful affair full of nice details, from the maid of honour singing as her best friend made her way down the aisle, to the gentle crashing of the ocean, and the handmade fans and bubbles. After sitting in the chair for a bit, we moved and stood under a tree to give Baby J some shade and had a great vantage point to see the exchanging of vows, and hear the soft words amid misty eyes and genuine grins.

beach wedding Jamaica

We may have morphed from the rowdy group of people who had been partying all week, a jumble of people shifting from the bar to the pool, spilling beer and shouting at friends, into a bunch of smiling faces, shining with love and respect for the couple who brought us all together and included us all in their love on their special day.

family in Jamaica

cake in Jamaica

After the ceremony, we drifted over the sand, posing for family photos in the golden sun, chatting and joking around, watching Baby J try to lift a rock the size of his head and carry it around. One of the bridesmaids splashed around in the ocean with him, letting him go ankle deep and picking him up – she was totally soaked for the photos after, but didn’t seem to mind one bit.

After the cake was cut, we headed back towards our room, letting Baby J wander the halls a bit (he liked yelling ah! to hear the echo) and changing him into his jammies, then found our table at the reception, held at one of the on-site gourmet restaurants. We sat with the groom’s mother and a few friends, people we hadn’t gotten a chance to spend much time with, and enjoyed the meal together – there was creamy wild asparagus soup that may have been the best soup I’ve ever had. We took turns rocking the little guy to sleep in his stroller, and then had the night ahead to eat, and drink, socialize, and dance.

At the midpoint of the week, it was nice to have the wedding, then a few days left to finish the relaxation on our vacation in Jamaica!

Thankful: Home

We got back last week from a week of sun, sand, and family in Jamaica. Days spent with toes in the ocean, or at the swim-up bar sipping slushy drinks topped with rum, enjoying the buzz of conversation and the feel of the sun on your shoulders. It zipped by too quickly and so I thought this week, even though I still plan to recap a few more moments, I’d focus cultivating my attitude of gratitude with Lizzie’s blog hop, and why I also love coming home.

Catching up with people
Even only being gone for a week makes me miss my family and friends. I feel like I’ve been gone for ages on an adventure and need to see what they’ve been up to. I’m glad to have so many people that want to see me and make me meals, come over for a glass of wine and a chat, or have us over for a play date.

My own food
Don’t get me wrong – one of the BEST things about going to an all inclusive resort is the never ending supply of all the food you could ever eat…but I was happy to pick up some groceries and figure out our meals again. Plain, simple food like avocado on toast and spaghetti in tomato sauce (and some raspberries for Baby J, who literally squeaked with delight while eating half a carton of the squishy red jewels).

The smell of fresh clothes has taken on a new meaning since having a child. Thank goodness ne of our fellow travellers gave us a few Tide pouches for sink washes (super handy – I’ll get some of these next time a travel for sure) but all in all, I’m very thankful to have clean clothes at the ready here at home.

Everything in it’s place
One things that drives me crazy is not being able to find things! I felt like I was constantly searching for shoes or sunscreen or a hat that I *just* had in my hand even being in such a small space. I like having everything right were I know it is (for the most part) instead of items floating around the room.

My computer
I pretty much went a week without wifi. Which was fine – I was busy swimming, eating, drinking, and hanging out, and so checking email wasn’t near the top of my list – but I do like being able to sit and read and write and wander the internets reading blogs and keeping up to date.

My little brown companion
Herman the dog was well taken care of and had a blast playing with his best doggy friend Diego while we were away, but I missed his presence, his silky body resting near my feet and his happy eyes.

My bed
Nothing like your own comfy pillow and your own bed when you get home.

I never really thought I was a schedule person, but I’m pretty strict about keeping Baby J on a routine – mostly so I know when it’s time for food and naps and so I know he’s rested enough to be happy. I’m sure being away long enough would make us adapt and start a familiar process, but it’s nice to get back to the old routine (and I”m thankful we all adapted back into it pretty well!).

The start of spring
The week we left was a snowy slushy mess, while we were gone there was a ton of rain, and now that we are back, things are inching towards the beginning of a spring that never seemed like it would arrive. But most of the snow is gone, the air is starting to turn fresh and pleasant, and I *think* spring is happening.

House with flower

The memories
Now that we are home and settled, I’m thankful I was able to take time away with such a wonderful group of people and that the trip was so fantastic. So many funny, touching, relaxing moments, so much running around. All very, very worth it. I cna’t wait for our next adventure somewhere.

What do you love about home?

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Ten Things of Thankful

The first birthday party

Just like that, my little pumpkin head is a whole year old! It’s true that it goes by fast, but I also feel like I had lots of nice moments with him, walks outside, songs at night, and exploring the house, learning to open his fists, trying out different food for the first time, splashing in the bathtub, crawling around, playing.

He’s always surprising us with new things. Like saying “ahhhh!” after taking a nice refreshing drink of water. Or pointing at a picture of Herman when asked. He has a sparkle in his eye and an easy grin. He’s a good-natured, easy-going guy, stopping to sit and focus, then off to the next thing. I see determination in him, and curiosity. I feel proud of him and love his blooming personality.

baby bottle

We had a little party for him on Sunday – just immediate family – which ended up being about 15 people plus us. I had all these big crafty plans, of course, but then Thursday night turned into colds and teething and quite a few sad wake-up calls. I also scrapped a lot of decorating time to spend HOURS putting together our gift to Baby J – his own shiny red kitchen!

I made a bunch of easy food – sandwiches, crackers and cheese, garlic dip and veggies – and people brought all kinds of salads, so we had a nice time eating and watching Baby J open gifts. He got spoiled with toys and lots of nice things, and was very interested in the balloons we’d blown up, carrying them around, kicking them along the floor, staring and smiling up at them.

birthday balloons


After napping through the first hour or so, Baby J was a bit shocked at the full house of his favourite people when he woke up, but he warmed up and wandered around the party guests like a tiny person. He’s a pretty sturdy walker now, can stand up from sitting on the ground without needed to grab onto anything, and crawling is a thing of the past.

bday presents

herm party

One thing I did get around to, was going through countless photos and choosing one from each week, for 52 weeks of the last year, printing them as squares, and taping them up above our couch. Everyone liked looking at them – including the birthday boy who would point and make sounds every time we walked him past. I tried to include milestones if I had them captured – first food, first swim, first Halloween costume. It was a neat way to see how he’s changed over the last year.

52 weeks wall

52 weeks wall

My grandparents were able to make it, so we got a photo of four generations too!

4 generations

Even though he was a little dopey from the cold-teeth combo, he seemed to enjoy his party pretty well and entertained everyone when he got his very own huge hunk of birthday cake (homemade by my mom), squishing and squeezing and gobbling it up. He dug in happily with both hands and really enjoyed himself.

bday cake

cake smash

Happy birthday to my not so little baby!