Balsamic chicken, banjos and beauty sleep

This week started out like a normal one. Got up early with the little fella, went for a walk, and even managed to clean up a bit before work. There’s nothing like proudly surveying properly nested bowls and neatly stacked tupperware with matching lids to make you feel like a real grownup.

We’d planned for a bit of a different evening n Monday though, and while I was finishing up at work, Baby J went to his grandparents to stay the night. Sleepover #3 for the little guy and he’s been fine every time, but I still have a hard time saying goodbye when he’s leaving. 346 kisses and hugs later, he was gone, and I had some time to make dinner.

I had a box of goodies waiting in the fridge for me – there is a new meal service in Ottawa called Chefx and the idea is that they deliver a package of food along with a recipe created by a chef from a local restaurant for you to cook. They sent me a box to try out, and it included ingredients to make Balsamic Chicken with Roasted Red Pepper and Israli Couscous Salad along with step by step instructions. Sounds fancy? Oh yes, and delicious, too!

meal prep chefx

A couple of things I liked about this: they only send exactly what you need – so 3 cloves of garlic rather than a whole head, a little packet of brown sugar, fresh veggies. They try to source locally produced items, which appeals to me, and if they have leftover food after the week’s deliveries, they donate it to the Ottawa Food Bank.


The thing that’s been tripping me up with cooking lately is coming up with meal plans and then getting to the grocery store with a specific list (and a toddler in tow) to get everything. So it was nice to have it all in front of me, plus it made me cook something I’ve never tasted before – the side of Israli coucous salad. It was slightly chewy like pasta and with the burst of fresh basil and veggies, won us both over. I also rarely cook skin-on, bone-in chicken, and didn’t know you should sear, then bake, but the result was pretty flavourful and moist so it’s something I’ll have to repeat.

Chefx chicken and couscous

We enjoyed our meal a lot, and if Baby J was at home, I think there would have been enough for him to eat as well from the 2 serving option. I’d be curious to price out how much buying these ingredients straight from the store would cost compared to subscribing to the boxes on a weekly basis, but if it’s similar (adding in ease factor and local ingredients), I think I’d use Chefx again for the convenience and the chance to make an interesting recipe like this.

balsamic chicken

After our nice at-home dinner, we headed out to Pressed on Gladstone where they have a bluegrass band every Monday night. This week was The Monroe Sisters and they were so fantastic, strumming the banjo, plucking the mandolin, singing in gorgeous 3 part harmony. The upbeat songs brought a smile to my face.

Monroe Sisters Pressed

Monroe Sisters Ottawa

For his song of the day, Tyler got up to play and sing These Memories of You with the ladies (and one bass-playing gent). It went over pretty went well, with the addition of the accordion, the soaring fiddle notes interspersed throughout the melody, and everyone trading off parts in sync. I don’t usually listen to much bluegrass music but I couldn’t get enough: slowly sipping a cup of white wine while soaking in the heat of the evening and the energy of the performers.

The Monroe Sisters Ottawa

Best of all, the show didn’t go too late so I got to bed at a normal hour. This doesn’t seem like much until you start waking up with a teething one year old at 5:30am for a week straight. Then, sleeping in til 8am feels like bliss!

Hope you are all cooking delicious meals, listening to wonderful music, and taking time out to enjoy the summer as July creeps up on us.

A night of music under the stars

This past weekend here in Ottawa was hot.  The days lingered, light fading only late, and they were the kinds of days that made you want to not waste a second by spending time inside. Isn’t that what summer is for? Wearing a swishy skirt and sunglasses, lathered up in sunscreen, and gosh darn it getting out of the house!

Saturday was a great example of soaking up what the city has to offer. I made my way down to Confederation Park in the early evening because my brother, an excellent jazz musician here in Ottawa, was playing keyboards in the Aretha Franklin orchestra. Pretty amazing! It was a warm evening, and as we meandered through downtown, I couldn’t stop looking all around at the people strolling, new statues, colourful posters plastered on walls, and buildings I’d forgotten about.

Ottawa convention centre

locks Ottawa

We ended up a couple hours early so after my brother went to get ready, we went get a drink. We came across a trailer that was offering 4 free samples of local Ontario wines. The first pourer guessed that I would drink red, and that my friend would drink either red or white – being that is was Saturday night after all! I guess I seem like less of a party animal than she did? True to form, I did drink the red, and sampled a couple of whites as well, and they were all pretty good.

Once we hit the crowds again, we wove our way up behind the sea of lawnchairs, and squeezed ourselves in amongst the other concert goers. I met some interesting characters – one an Indian man who works for the RCMP, and mentioned he had 2 cats that he thought of often. He was dancing freely, flowing with his hands waving in the air. The second fellow was retired from working in Parliament and had recently taken up playing the sax. He also informed me about a new sport he’d learned in Florida called pickle ball. So the time passed nicely and I chatted with my new friends until the music began.

The music started, and swelled, and I caught a few glimpses of my brother at the keyboards, tucked away behind the piano player, as the band went on for awhile. After a bit, The Queen of Soul herself swanned out onto the stage, and poured out a few songs that were pretty impressive. Her vocal chops could still handle the range, it seemed, and she commanded the stage with confidence.

Aretha Franklin Ottawa Jazz Festival

There were a few things about the concert that felt a bit off, though – I knew they were using a mix of her touring musicians (in weirdly sloppy white t-shirts) and bandleader, plus the best talent here in Ottawa, but sometimes it was a bit too messy of a mix. Like when the backing vocals were soaring and moving, but there were no singers on stage, and then the track would fade out and the song trail off uncertainly. Or when Aretha headed off stage mid-show, and the musicians jammed out for awhile – sounded sharp, Bobby’s McFerrin’s daughter came out singing Pharell’s Happy – great song, but totally different than the vibe of the rest of the older, classic tunes.

My favourite songs were Chain of Fools – sprawling and fun, it tumbled out over the bopping heads of the crowd; RESPECT – bellowing, and all the right notes of boastful; a version of Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You – featuring Aretha also playing piano in addition to making the melody her own; and Moody’s Mood for Love – a jazz song that was originally a saxophone solo but set to words and popularly covered many times (by Aretha Franklin, and more recently by Amy Winehouse).

Aretha Franklin playing piano Ottawa

Aretha Franklin Ottawa Jazz Festival

Aretha Franklin is a fantastic singer who can put on a decent show and moreover, is a legend who deserves all of the praise she’s built up over the years – so for that, it was a magical evening and one I’m glad I got to take in.

Clearing the cobwebs

The other day during nap time, I successfully made a to-do list about a page long, and then abandoned it in favour of things that just can’t wait, like laundry and groceries and haven’t looked back at it since. I have been feeling a bit overwhlemed again lately, between work and other work and things piling up, but it is what it is – recording a video a day is a challenge that we have taken on that eats up a lot of time, and there are a lot of things just can’t be done while a certain red-headed baby is awake and so active, even if we try.

So it’s about living in the moment and not worrying tooooo much about not getting everything done. Luckily, entertaining a small someone opens the door to many other moments: walks and ice cream and long summer evenings. There definitely were a few things that made me smile, feel thankful, and not worry so much this week.

This is my Ten Things of Thankful post for this week, getting back on the bandwagon after missing it for a few weeks!

- Baby J starting to make his meaning clear. Sort of. Among other things, he is saying “thank you” and “you’re welcome” now and imitates our exact tone but comes nowhere near close to saying the words correctly. Very cute.

sunglasses baby

- Finally getting the winter tires switched off our car. Yes, about time!

- The summery smell of these perfumey white lilacs that are popping up in trees, lining the street and lingering in the air.

- We went for breakfast and some playtime at McDonald’s this morning, while waiting for the tires to be changed, and had a nice time: Baby J snagged a bite or two of Tyler’s mcmuffin and I discovered that the oatmeal was actually not as bad as I thought it would be. A older fellow stopped by our table, telling us we looked like a nice young family, and gave us a card he’d gotten for a free ice cream.

- My talented husband. He recorded this song the other day – just played around for awhile, practiced and then did this great version of a classic song but totally different:

Obviously I’m biased, but isn’t he great?

- Getting a few other nagging items belated crossed off the to-do list. Rounding up receipts, weeding from between the cracks in the backyard patio stones. Cleaning junk and rooting out clothes from our closet. Hot gluing poor bobble head Dwight’s noggin back on his neck. Little things that feel good.

- Realizing that Baby J is old enough to thoroughly enjoy walking in the woods. A specific area of the Greenbelt near here, to be precise, where we used to walk all the time, and where we were walking when we came up with his name, in fact. The paths change from dirt tracks amid grass to gravel lined with trees, sticks, and plants galore; the area sprawls out and he just loves following the trail, veering off now and then too.

baby in woods

- Watching my boy and his dog. We let Baby J take Herman’s leash on a big empty field the other day and he was tugged along, running and laughing gleefully. This went on for at least half an hour! They both had a great time and I’m excited to watch their relationship grow.

- Fresh local strawberries in season.


- Getting back to writing. I’ve missed blogging over the last few weeks. It wasn’t writer’s block exactly, but I’d sit and start a post and not finish it, get sidetracked, and the words just wouldn’t come back, or I wouldn’t feel happy enough to publish it. This post too – started Friday night, added on Saturday, published on Sunday. Better than nothing, though.

That’s it for this week. Hopefully next week holds some more lovely little moments as well.