Wedding Photos in Ottawa

One of the things that made our wedding day great was my good friend Dawn. She and I first met in high school, became fast friends, and have stayed in touch ever since. We celebrate birthdays together, go for dinner, hang out with family, and look forward to the Festivus party at her place every year. So I was honoured to have her take some amazing photos for us on our wedding day. Dawn was fantastic – she checked out locations downtown the weekend before, was calm on the day, took tons of posed shots, and then popped champagne with us in the limo – she is one of the kindest people I know, and is also a ton of fun.

So here are some of my favourite shots from our little photo session between the sunny ceremony in Tyler’s parents backyard, and the rocking reception at Fat Tuesdays in the market.

We first posed with a few friendly statues near the Ottawa War Memorial, then crossed the street and went under the road and back up towards the Ottawa Locks. I love the shape of the bridge in the background, as well as our iconic Parliament buildings, and the Art Gallery (another of my favourite Ottawa buildings!)

Check them out and tell me which ones you like in the comments!

Wedding photo in Ottawa

Wedding photo in Ottawa

Wedding photo in Ottawa

Wedding photo in Ottawa

Wedding photo in Ottawa

Wedding photo in Ottawa

Wedding photo in Ottawa

And yes – my cute little bridesmaids and I thought it would be funny to do a planking photo (even before I saw this season’s premier of The Office!) Aren’t they are good sports?

Wedding photo in Ottawa

Room Service, Christmas Cheer, and the Internet

Have you ever stayed in a hotel in your own hometown? I have, a few times, and let’s face it, living somewhere else, even for a night, where you don’t have to pick up after yourself or make the bed, it’s kinda nice!

Tyler plays a charity gig most years in early December, called the CFRA Christmas Cheer Breakfast at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa. He was playing a gig downtown at Steak the previous night, so we though it’d be fun to get a hotel room (this would make the whole getting up at 5:30am for charity a wee bit easier).

westin room

We arrived at the hotel after 11pm, once the first gig was done and wrapped up. Beautiful room with an equally beautiful view. If it was earlier in the evening I’d have loved to take a crisp winter stroll around the Parliament buildings and check out the newly lit Christmas lights.

Parliament Buildings at night in Ottawa

But, since it was already creeping towards midnight, we decided to curl up in the hotel robes and order some incredibly overpriced room service instead.

room service

The alarm woke up bright and early the next day. The plan was for Tyler to play at the breakfast, we’d eat, then I would work from the hotel room and he’d go Christmas shopping. So, he unloaded and set up all of his gear and played for a few hours while people ate and filtered in to the main room to listen to a school choir, win door prizes, and so on. After hearing him play some lovely instrumental renditions of the classic Christmas carols, I tried to convince Tyler that he should record a Christmas CD. Just eventually!

christmas cheer

We caught sight of some local celebrities helping out for a good cause: JJ Clarke, Jim Watson, Dave Smith…and had a yummy, healthy breakfast (there was no bacon on the menu this year – it was replaced by turkey sausage). The breakfast is a great networking event, and the tickets sales go to Ottawa Food Bank, the Christmas Exchange and the Ottawa Senators’ Foundation to support their Christmas giving campaigns.

After I watched for a bit, I went to plug in and get to work for a few hours. But to my shock, the Internet in our room cost around 20 bucks! (Must have been spoiled by the free Internet in China). I guess if we were staying all day, it’d be worth it, but I knew I’d have to put my $20 towards parking still as well. So I packed up and said goodbye to our room, with it’s lovely view, and went to the lobby.

Parliament buildings Ottawa

No Internet there, but I was told that I could go to the 3rd floor coffee bar and use the wireless there. I got to the 3rd floor, and tried to ask about it, but was told to wait in line to be seated. I didn’t want to sit and eat, but I waited anyways. I finally sorted out with the barista that I just wanted to use. the. Internet, in exchange for the price of a coffee. Phew!

I wasn’t really keen on sitting at a rickety lil table all morning though, so once the equipment and keyboard were all packed up, we headed for home. The staff at the Westin are great (they let us use a dolly for the gear!) and the Christmas Cheer Breakfast is a great event that I’d recommend to anyone for next year.

Even if you aren’t an early riser.