Halloween at the Black Sheep Inn


Sorry I’m late in posting this, after my teaser about our great, homemade costumes! It’ll be worth the wait, I promise – just keep reading!

So my sister was in town this weekend to practice driving, and take her test on Monday. She drove us out to Wakefield on Sunday afternoon for some drinks, food, costumes, and great music.

sheep at the black sheep

We arrived at the Black Sheep Inn around 3:30pm. Needless to say, when we couldn’t think of a good idea for costumes, we took inspiration from the bar (which is one of Tyler’s favourite places to play, as well). BAAAAHHH!!!

sheep at the Black Sheep

Some other great costumes too – like Man caught in Wind, a crayon, a cat, and Nacho Libre. Oh, and my sister the wolf (who did our nose make-up. and Nacho’s mustache touch-up. yeeeeah!).

Halloween costumes at the Black Sheep Inn

Wolf costume at the Black Sheep Inn

AND – I ate another food item that I haven’t tried before. I’m really glad I added that to my list, because I always get the same kinda thing when I eat out cause I know I’m going like it and what-if-I-pay-money-for-something-and-then-don’t-like-it? But instead of a club or something predictable I got a pulled pork sandwich. I know, I’ve never had one before – I’m crazy!! Not really a pork eater. But, take that club sandwich – the pork was AMAZING! As was the salad, and I also polished off most of Tyler’s sweet potato fries. Goooooood food.

pulled pork at the Black Sheep

Did I mention great music? First up was Brothers Chaffey, and then Silver Creek. The afternoon went by so fast – the music was great and perfectly suited for an afternoon/evening out in the crisp country. Check out their websites and you’ll see what I mean!

Silver Creek at the Black Sheep Inn


My sister drove us home, to get a little more practice, but while she was driving, I noticed that the lights were dimming and flashing, and the wipers were moving really, really slowly. I tried to be calm and directed her to pull over, and then we couldn’t get the car started again. Oh no! Luckily we weren’t too far from my dad’s house, and he got us jumped and I left the car overnight at my mechanics (Update – just got home after forking out $485 for a new alternator! Ugh!)

It was also lucky that we had our nice warm sheep hats to keep us warm while we waited in the car for rescue.

sheep at the Black Sheep

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!